Room Types:
Executive - 4500/-
Deluxe - 4000/-
Extra Person 750/-
(Above Age of 5 Years) Taxes as Applicable
Transportation :
Air : Diu Airport is operational and Jet
Airways Operates daily Flights from
Mumbai To Diu.

Road : Gujarat State Transport buses
& privet Luxury Coaches are Available
in plenty from Mumbai, Vadodra,
Ahmedabad ,Jamnagar Veraval.

Rail: Nearest rail station is veraval is
about 90 kms., which provides an
onward connection to Ahmedabad ,
Mumbai and other cities.
Address :
Nagoa beach, Diu(UT)-362520 India.

Location Advantage : Rasal Beach
Resort is located 7 km far away from
Diu city exactly on the Nagoa Beach.
Most famous beach of Diu.

Tel:- (02875) 255401-2, 275322
Mobile: +91-9714315000
Discover Diu

Diu a tiny ex-Portuguese island is the reason most travelers come to Gujarat. And while it might not fairly be the tropical paradise they imagined, it has a peculiar charisma that will attract inhabitants towards it. Diu city is best known as a place that mixes tradition with modernity. This perfect blend is evident in its architecture, with number of historical monuments and structures. The history of Diu time back to many centuries. It has a rich and a multicolored past that saw the supremacy of many emperors. Rulers of different dynasties ruled Diu in diverse periods of history.  People of Diu are very affectionate, friendly, and peaceful and show good hospitality.

Diu also has fine beaches, overwhelmed churches, an imposing fort, colorful streets, a gorgeous climate, lush seafood and giggly Gujarati weekenders who flock for the relaxation and enjoyment. Diu is a vibrant city where you find people from different castes and religions. Diu is a major tourist center has many attractions and sightseeing. Prefer Rasal Hotel as the accommodation point of your stay in Diu, you can visit Sightseeing and Excursions of Diu-‘The Paradise of beaches’.

St. Paul's Church Diu

The church adorned with curiously treated volutes and shell - like motifs and the magnificent wood carving is considered to be the most elaborate of all the Portugese churches in India. St. Paul Church, built in 1691 is consecrated to our Lady of Immaculate Conception. In architectural style it resembles Bom Jesus Church at Goa. The wood - panelling of the church is rated one of the best in church craftsmanship.

St. Thomas Church

The old St. Thomas Church has been converted into a museum which houses antique statues, various stone inscriptions of the earlier rulers, wooden carvings and idols, in evening, multicolored fountains and special lighting of the imposing building fascinate everyone.

Diu Fort

Diu Fort is one of the popular historical place of diu. Among the places of tourist interest, the Fort of Diu occupies a prominent position. It is an expansive and imposing structure, situated on the coast of the island. The fort commands a magnificent view of sea. It was constructed between 1535 and 1541 AD.

Nagoa Beach Diu

A perfect semi circle beach where the gentle lapping waves beckon you to wade into them for a fun filled time of swimming, gamboling or just lolling around the soft sand shores or to find you napping under the palm trees filled with the soothing breeze.

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